Struggling to understand why other photographers were using flash in this situation. 

Unkown Band / Volstead

New Website

I have been making black and white photographs of concerts over the last decade. I usually question the value of a photograph (a visual experience) of live music (and audio experience). Part of it is compulsion. I don't know how to behave at rock concerts without interjecting myself in the experience. Im too big to crowd surf, but front stage, against the rail, and in the pit I feel at home. In a sense these photographs are representative of making a conscious decision that what I am experiencing is memorable, while also dictating that at one point I was present. Although the front page of the website will only feature photographs of concerts (for the time being) the blog will be showcasing many different projects that I will be working on. I am continuously trying to bolster my experience in food/product photography, as well as expand my knowledge of studio photography. Most importantly I want to host a series of conversations between other photographers, in a search to further understand the medium and differences between myself and other photographers. I hope you enjoy.