Disrotted Tour Day 5: Return To Earthdom

After the rounds of everyone using a shower for the first time in 2-3 days, a clean pair of socks, and a quick nap, we all got to WALK (un-fucking heard of during this tour) to the venue that Disrotted was playing at next. This was the beginning of Anomalous Collision 14, graciously hosted and organized by Self Deconstruction.

First in the line up was some furious grind by Broiler. The front man took it to the crowd early in the set, unafraid of getting physical with everyone. Screaming, head banging, and charging us, made him sweat profusely giving his face paint and really awesome effect. I kinda love this close up shot with 24mm.

I had been looking forward to Self Deconstruction since I saw them last year at El Puente. Memories of shows are always weird and sometimes can be misleading. "Was the band actually that good? Did they actually do that on stage? Was it really that loud?" Sometimes all these things can fuck with my actual reception of the show where I end up a little disappointed. That definitely is not the case with this band. They delivered on all fronts re-upping my nostalgia. 

The drummer was exactly as amazing as last, the guitarist was wearing the same dress and shredding, and the vocalist was eviscerating her vocal chords just as sharply as before. They truly are that intense, frenetic, chaotic, detailed, and impressive. Hands down one of my favorites from this tour. 

Sithter was an unexpected beauty of a show. Really weird stoner rock, with elements of doom, and a very psychedelic edge to it, even in their choice of garb. One thing that I love about the Japanese music scene is that they are 100% committed to their image. If the want to be crust punk, they are the crustiest. If they want to be vampire punk, their face is painted and no amount of sweat is taking that off. These dudes were the extreme of everything that their music represented. Very excellent. 

I have to apologize to quAng duc Asylum, this particular night, getting close to the end of a tour, the exhaustion of the previous day's travel to Osaka and back, I had to get really wasted. Definitely drunker than any other show of tour at that point (which is definitely saying something) and I was out buying whiskey during their set. I thought I could make it back in time but I blew it.

I feel like these photos definitely have that drunk filter on them. Softer focus than usual, some shots were very non-traditional to my style, others were very traditional, like alcohol was turning me into a swinging pendulum of my own confidence level with my camera. 

Even though I was experimenting a little bit, the dudes stayed the course of emptying the magazine as far as volume goeson the crowd. Last year Earthdom was the loudest show of the tour (this year that award goes to Yokohama thanks to the Su19b dudes bringing their gear) and it was a close second. I love watching the full extension of John's drums sticks coming down on the set, as if he was an iron worker and he was drumming in a bolt on some structure on a bad day.

Im pretty fuzzy on how the night actually ended, but i'm sure it finished with paying respects and saying goodbye to friends and everyone at the show, buying more beer as most of us woke up with half finished beers and a for me a half buried bottle of whiskey.