Disrotted Tour Day 1

Disrotted is back in Japan, and they have graciously requested me to accompany them for the second year in a row. Naturally it took one or two days of us blacking out throughout Ikebukuro, attending a lengendary Japanese Wrestling show, roaming temples, consuming copious amounts of ramen, boss coffee, cow tongue, Takoyaki, and Ryokucha Hai, to reacclimatize ourselves with the drastic atmospheric change from the cold, dreary, Chicago. I could go into great detail of more of these events but for the sake of this tour blog, I will try to keep it to just music related items only. When things finally slowed down (and we kinda sobered up), we took the train down to Denechofu, where we met Ryo of Guevnna, who drove us out to Yamanashi for the first round of shows at Kazoo Hall

A line up consisting of mostly punk, hardcore, and powerviolence bands, the high adrenaline atmosphere provided by Yamanashi locals Lost Without Hand Grenade, as well as two of Tokyo's Hardcore bands Lost Control and NoLA, kept the crowd's blood pressure high. To what seems to be the standard in Japan, all bands were great and played at a rapid fire rate. It was amazing as I could see everyone laughing, having a good time, not aware of the impending bummer that Disrotted had been preparing to unleash on them. 

On the short list of my favorite Japanese bands, Guevnna always maintains high ground. Self proclaimed "disco doom" playing dark, heavy rock riffs, with shredding vocals by the front man Ryo Yamada, and all backed up by disco drum beats creates a heroin level of addictiveness. Their greatest trait might be that they don't lose themselves in seriousness of the doom, metal, or heavy scene, often displayed by the sincerity of Ryo on stage. Constantly moving, never relaxing, cracking jokes, imitating band members when there is a break in vocals, Ryo is a prime example of an individual that can take great material to stage and take the show to a higher level of excellence. Even though the songs are very very heavy, the show is a party atmosphere, almost of positivity which set the stage for Disrotted to destroy all of that. 

I may have mentioned that these guys play heavy, glacial paced, doom before, but I what I haven't mentioned is how excited they get before hand. I sincerely have never seen anyone so genuinely excited to ruin someones day with sheer violence via sound. Generally seeing Disrotted play in very dimly lit Chicago venues with little to no light, Kazoo hall provided on stage additives to create a dense fog that accentuated the god shattering volume of Disrotted. 

Disrotted pummeled and punished the crowd into an exhausted mess. The high speed, high intensity, almost feel good vibe of the night came to a twenty car pileup halt. It was grim watching John Finaldi beat droningly beating the shit out of the drums, with Adam Jennings howling an arcane language. Dean Costello guitar passing through both guitar and bass amps created a nauseating drone that will haunt the dreams of anyone who forgot earplugs for this show. 

This show shut down the night, we loaded our stuff into Ryo's van and drove back to Denenchofu where he graciously let us sleep at his place. Spent the next morning making polaroids at a large temple, then mentally preparing ourselves for Yokohama, where Disrotted was challenged to play a 90 minute set.